The Best Linktree Alternative

A modern, powerful Linktree alternative for sharing links, songs, videos, social media, and more from one bio link.

A modern, powerful Linktree alternative for sharing links, videos, songs, social media, and more.

IGBIO is more than a list of stacked buttons, it's a powerful platform that allows you to create micro landing pages, to help you boost your conversion rates.

Embed Content in your link in bio, share songs, videos, podcasts, and more directly on your page from all your favorite platforms. Add visual effects, background images and create a unique digital experience. Make your profile bio link to stand out from the rest.

Start with a free plan and upgrade your account any time, we offer several advanced features you won't find in any other competitor. Manage all your pages with a single login, if you work at an agency, you know the pain of having to handle multiple users and password for all your clients. The pain ends today with IGBIO.

Get detailed and advanced statistics and great insights for each page and even your links, and arrange them based on real performance and following your goals.

Compare our plans and make the right desition now.

Last updated on: 25 October, 2020